Ruben (R.M.W.A.) Drost

Phone: +31 43 3881729
Birthdate: 09-11-1986
Room: 0.092



- BSc Health Sciences
- MSc Health Policy, Economics & Management
- MSc Global Health
+Trial/Model-based economic evaluations
+Cambridge CPE English


- Health economist and HTA specialist with strong analytical skills.
- Author of multiple articles published in peer-reviewed (inter-)national impact journals.
- Organizer of symposia and oral presentations at over ten top conferences, including iHEA, EHPS and the Dutch Public Health Conference.
- Organizer of and presenter at a symposium held at the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) on societal cost-benefit analysis and inter-sectoral costs and benefits (ICBs).
- Lead author of the Dutch manual on ICBs of interventions in the health care sector, which is broadly acknowledged to be supplementary to the Dutch Manual for Costing in Economic Evaluations of the National Health Care Institute (ZiNL).


Health Services Research (PhD Student)
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