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Ilaria Passarani The Role of Evidence in the Formulation of European Public Health Policies. A Comparative Case Study Analysis - read more >  2019
Sofie van Hoof Bridging the gap between primary care and outpatient hospital care; evaluating the feasibility of Primary Care Plus in the southern part of the Netherlands - read more >  2019
Bram Fleuren Caught somewhere in time: Conceptualizing, measuring, and predicting sustainable employability - read more >  2019
Dorijn Hertroijs Build to order. Patient profiling to tailor type 2 diabeters care - read more >  2019
Mirre den Ouden Every step counts. Daily activities of nursing home residents and the role of nursing staff - read more >  2018
Theresa Thoma-Lürken  Innovating Long-Term Care for Older People; Development and Evaluation of a Decision Support App for Formal Caregivers in Community-Based Dementia Care - read more >  2018
Loes Leenen Self-management in Epilepsy. The goal is: "Live with a Z(s)mile" - read more >
Renee van den Heuvel The next generation of play – Robots to support play in rehabilitation and special education for children with physical disabilities - read more >  2018
Eveline van Velthuijsen Caring about confusion. On the daily practice of recognition and management of delirium in older hospitalised patients - read more >  2018
Inge van der Putten Using information on the broader economic impact of vaccines in evidence-informed decision making: Connecting the dots - read more >  2018
Kei Long Cheung Improving the Use of an Economic Decision Support Tool in the Context of Tobacco Control - Prerequisites for the development of a support tool for economic decision-making - read more >  2018
Maartje van der Aa Financial risks of illness: a shared responsibility ?: Solidarity and deservingness in health insurance and disability insurance in the Netherlands - read more >  2018
Martine Huygens A patient perspective on eHealth in primary care: critical reflections on the implementation and use of online care services - read more >  2018
Susan van Hees The making of ageing-in-place. Perspectives on a Dutch social policy towards lifecycle-robust neighbourhoods - read more >  2017
Maike Tietschert The Complex Relationship between Organizational Culture and Patient-perceived Integrated Care. Clearing the mud? - read more >  2017
Daan Westra Healthcare’s Competition Conundrum. Cooperative inter-organizational strategies in competitive healthcare markets - read more >  2017
Bram de Boer Living at a green care farm; an innovative alternative for regular care at nursing homes for people with dementia - read more >  2017
Irma Everink Geriatric rehabilitation: development, implementation and evaluation of an integrated care pathway for older patients with complex health problems - read more >  2017
Martin Ayanore Unmet reproductive health care needs among rural Ghanaian women - read more >  2017
Ben Wijnen Health technology assessment in epilepsy; moving towards patient-centered and efficient care - read more >  2017
Laura Hochstenbach Self-management support for outpatients with cancer pain; development, feasibility and impact of an eHealth intervention - read more >  2017
Rana Rizk Health Technology Assessment of Hyperphosphatemia Management among Hemodialysis Patients in Lebanon - read more >  2017
Nienke Kuk Moving forward in nursing home practice. Supporting nursing staff in implementing innovations - read more >  2017
Ramona Backhaus Thinking beyond numbers; Nursing Staff and Quality of Care in Nursing Homes - read more >  2017
Mariëlle van der Velden Heart failure in nursing home residents; prevalence, diagnosis and treatment - read more >  2016
Marla Woolderink Mind the Gap; evaluation of an online preventive programme for adolescents with mentally ill or addicted parents - read more >  2016
Coen Itz Chronic low back pain, considerations about Natural Course, Diagnosis, Interventional Treatment and Costs - read more >  2016 
Ruben Drost Intersectoral costs and benefits of health interventions: A change of perspective in economic evaluation' - read more >  2016
Anil Vaidya Economic modelling in arterial vascular diseases; studying the cost-effectiveness of various strategies for screening, diagnosis and treatment - read more >  2016
Tanja Dorresteijn A home-based program to manage concerns about falls. Feasibility, effects and costs of a cognitive behavioral approach in community-dwelling, frail older people - read more >  2016
Hanneke Beerens Adding life to years. Quality of life of people with dementia receiving long-term care - read more >  2016
Donja Mijnarends Sarcopenia: a rising geriatric giant - read more >  2016
Armand Rondas Prevalence and assessment of (infected) chronic wounds - read more >  2016
Mitchel van Eeden The €-Restore4Stroke study: economic evaluation of stroke care in the Netherlands - read more >  2016
Janneke van Leijen-Zeelenberg Healthcare Quality Improvement by Redesign - read more >  2015
Yufitriana Amir  Quality of Pressure Ulcer Care in Indonesian Hospitals - booklet - propositions  2015
Tom Peeters Redesigning home care; from a bureaucratic to a socio-technical type of provider organisation - booklet - propositions  2015
Thomas Kerkhofs Adrenocortical Carcinoma; a study on epidemiology, diagnostics and treatment of a rare endocrine malignancy - read more >
Lorenzo Desideri Assistive Technology Service Delivery for Children with Multiple Disabilities; a family-centred approach to assure quality - read more >
Renée Verwey Get moving! Self-management support using mobile technology - read more >  2015 
Sanne van der Weegen Get moving! Self-management support using mobile technology - read more >  2015 
Charles Adarkwah Economic Evaluations in Health Care: Methodological Considerations and Applications on Cost-Effectiveness of ACE Inhibitor Treatment for Renal Disease Prevention - read more >  2015 
Cindy Noben Investing in Employability Interventions? Methodological Challenges and Economic Evaluation - read more >  2015 
Marzena Tambor Patient cost-sharing for health care in Europe - read more >  2015 
Reina de Kinderen Health technology assessment in epilepsy: economic evaluations and preference studies - read more >  2015 
Marie Madlen-Jeitziner Critically ill older patients treated in intensive care units: long-term consequences - read more >  2015 
Basema Afram From home towards the nursing home in dementia: informal caregivers - read more >  2015 
Anna Huysse-Gaytandjieva Failure to Adapt - read more >
Jelena Arsenijevic Out-of-pocket patient payments and vulnerable population groups in Serbia - read more >  2015 
Mickael Hiligsmann Health technology assessment in osteoporosis: New perspectives from adherence and preference studies - read more >
Bart Ament Frailty in old age: conceptualization and care innovations - read more >
Joan Vermeulen Self-monitoring of physical frailty: a proactive approach in community-dwelling elderly people - read more >  2014  
Froukje Snoeren Giving maltreated children a voice. A study of self-reported quality of life, and the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the child-interview intervention during the investigation of reports of child maltreatment - read more >  2014  
Jill Bindels Caring for community-dwelling frail older people. A responsive evaluation. Read more >  2014  
Reza Rezayatmand Patient payments and health behavior: stick or carrot? Read more >  2014
Noémi van Nie-Visser Malnutrition in nursing home residents in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria - read more >  2014
Vladimir Gordeev Financial reforms and out-of-pocket payments in the Russian healthcare sector - read more >  2014
Karen Freijer Disease related malnutrition & the economic health care value of medical nutrition - read more >  2014
Elka Atanasova Formal and informal patient payments for public health care services in Bulgaria - read more >  2014
Marc Rouppe van der Voort Optimising delays in access to specialist outpatient clinics - read more >  2014
Silke Metzelthin An interdisciplinary primary care approach for frail older people - read more >  2014
Andriy Danyliv Willingness to Pay for Physician Services in Ukraine and Other Central and Eastern European Countries - read more >  2014
Anna-Barbara Schlüer Pressure ulcers in pediatric patients: A challenge! - read more >  2013
Esther Meesterberends Pressure ulcer care in the Netherlands versus Germany 0-1; what makes the difference? - read more >  2013
Adrienne Alayli-Goebbels Bringing two worlds closer together; addressing methodological challenges in the economic evaluation of public health programs - read more >  2013
Josiane Boyne Effects of telemonitoring in patients with heart failure - read more >  2013 
Irene Glinos  Where borders and health care meet; five sudies in movements between health care systems - read more >  2013 
Tetiana Stepurko  Informal Patient Payments in Central and Eastern European Countries - read more >  2013 
Adeleheid Zeller Caregivers' experiences with aggressive behaviour of nursing home residents - read more >
Arianne Elissen Going beyond the ‘Grand Mean’; advancing disease management science and evidence - read more >  2013
Math Gulpers EXBELT: Expelling belt restraint from psychogeriatric nursing homes - read more >  2013
Jeroen Hendriks Integrated Chronic Care for Patients with Atrial Fibrillation - read more >  2013
Petra Baji  Out-of-pocket patient payments for health care services in Hungary: Past experience and future perspectives - read more >  2013
Caroline Wyers Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of nutritional intervention in elderly subjects after hip fracture - remad ore >  2012
Prof.dr. Dirk Ruwaard De weg van nazorg naar voorzorg: buiten de gebaande paden -  inaugural lecture - read more >  2012
Sabine Hahn Patient and Visitor Violence in General Hospitals - read more >  2012
Vivian Braeken Ray of Light; evaluating the feasibility and effectiveness of routine psychosocial screening in cancer patients receiving radiotherapy - read more >  
Sonila Tomini Informal payments for health care services in Albania - read more >  2011
Fleur Hasaart Incentives in the diagnosis treatment combination payment system for specialist medical care - read more >  2011
Hilde Verbeek  Redesigning dementia care : an evaluation of small-scale, homelike care environments - read more >  2011
Ramon Daniëls Frail elderly : identification and disability prevention in primary care - read more >  2011
Saskia Knies Transparency of transferability : diagnosing international aspects of economic evaluations of health care technologies - read more >  2011