How to launch your career in healthcare?

1 April 2015

Looking back at HPIM’s first career event.

On April 1, 2015, the first Career Event of the master HPIM took place. During the event students were offered workshops as well as the opportunity to meet alumni. It was a great day. In general the participating students considered the event helpful to prepare for their professional career, which was the purpose of the event. We thank all who made our career event possible, including the faculty, our excellent speakers, our wonderful alumni and our enthusiastic students.


HPIM Career Event April 1, 2015: How to launch your career in healthcare?
A report by Tess Raets, MSChallenger for HPIM 


On April 1st, 2015, the program leaders of HPIM, Santé Alumni Maastricht ( SAM) and UniPartners Maastricht held their first career event for the master students of Healthcare Policy, Innovation, and Management. The event was titled ‘How to launch your career in healthcare?’. What a success! I found my dream job!

The day started with a short introduction and continued with two workshops: ‘project management’ and ‘personal branding and networking’. I chose the project management workshop. In this workshop we learned the tips and tricks for project management as well as presentation skills and the ability to empathize with the client’s needs. The assignment was to prepare and elaborate an idea and present this in a pitch to your future clients.

After the lunch I joined the workshop of Medtronic about ‘Social entrepreneurship; how to achieve excellence in the supply chain?’. The other workshop was organized by Achmea: ‘policy entrepreneurship/ governance; how to (inter)act in the arena of government, insurers and providers?’.

Medtronic was represented by three male consultants of the hospital services department (two where graduates from HPIM) and two ladies from the Human Resources Department. First they introduced themselves and then we got to work. They showed us the hospital process in a really lively and fun way. The goal of the Dutch and international team was to make the process more efficient and avoid waste. With small adjustments in the process the waiting time of the patients decreased enormously.

At the end of the day, during a ‘double strike’, we had the opportunity to get more information from alumni of HPIM who are working for a range of organizations in healthcare: ten different companies from different backgrounds and working areas where present, ranging from a university research department to international companies. It was an inspiring day, hopefully we as students left a good impression with the companies!