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HPIM-EPH Career Event 16 March 2016

How to propel your career in healthcare?

March 16th, 2016

Looking back at the HPIM-EPH career event.

On 16 March, 2016, the Career Event of the master’s programs of HPIM and EPH took place. During the event students were offered workshops as well as the opportunity to meet alumni. It was a great day. In general the participating students considered the event helpful to prepare for their professional career, which was the purpose of the event. We thank all who made our career event possible, including the faculty, our excellent speakers, our wonderful alumni and our enthusiastic students.

HPIM-EPH Career Event 16 March, 2016: How to propel your career in healthcare? A review by Ashley Aitken, MS Challenger on behalf of HPIM

“A full day was set aside on Wednesday 16th of March for the HPIM-EPH career event. As we are coming towards the end of our Master's program, this event took place to assist us in preparing for the labour market. It also allowed us to get an overview of the career opportunities available in healthcare, and enabled us to start thinking about the direction we want out future career to take. Considering that exam period is only two weeks away, there was a great turnout of students on the day. My thoughts prior to the event were that it might not be relevant for me, as I do not plan to work in the Netherlands after completing my Master’s program. However, the advice and skills that I gained during the day will definitely assist me in the upcoming months when I begin to apply for my first healthcare job. (...)

All in all, I found that the HPIM-EPH career event provided me with a great deal of information that I was unaware of prior to the event in regards to recruitment do’s and don’ts, and future career opportunities available within healthcare”. 

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Contact for further information: Arno van Raak, a.vanraak@maastrichtuniversity.nl