Milena Pavlova selected for UM Toptalentprogramme 2018

26 June 2018
Milena Pavlova is selected for the Toptalentprogramme 2018 for her input in education, recruitment abilities, publications, Hirsch- and M-index, prizes, research involvement, experiences abroad, executive abilities and managerial roles. 
The Faculty-based talent programme (‘Toptalenten programma’) is intended for top-talents. The aim is to scout potential professors and to offer them a Strategic Chair (Profileringsleerstoel) with the prospect of moving on to a Structural Chair after assessment of their performance and professional growth potential. Agreements are made with the candidates concerning their scientific development and their personal development and leadership potential.
Schools are invited to nominate suitable candidates. Every 2-3 years a ‘Toptalent Review’ is organised on the basis of which 8 to 10 candidates are selected.
Picture left to right: Silvia Evers (programme leader research line Creating Value-Based Health Care), Milena Pavlova, Dirk Ruwaard (chair department Health Services Research).