Kei Long Cheung receives Erasmus+ grant

16 May 2017

Kei Long Cheung has received an Erasmus+ grant to work at a foreign University. Erasmus+ gives people the chance to study, train, undertake work experience and volunteer abroad with the aim of boosting skills and employability, particularly amongst young people, in The Netherlands. Using this grant, Kei Long will work for two months at the Medical University of Vienna in Austria (20th of May to 16th of July). 

Kei Long planned to upscale a best-worst scaling study he conducted in the Netherlands, by conducting a country comparison of barriers and facilitators towards using Health Technology Assessment in the decision-making context. Using the international data, he plans to investigate in a separate study to what extent different best-worst scaling analysis methods yield different results. Dr. Susanne Mayer and Prof. dr. Judit Simons from the Medical University of Vienna are experts in the field of Health Technology Assessment and are highly interested to deepen their knowledge in the best-worst scaling method as well.